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For clean pavements, playgrounds and lawns!
Clipnex - a clip for cleaning up dog waste
The collector makes it possible to pick up faeces into an HDPE bag without the hand
touching the faeces. It is made of polyamide – a highly resistant plastic. You can take this
collector with you at any time for a walk placed in a pocket of your trousers, jacket or in a bag
or handbag; it can also be hung on the leash. Basically, it is a clip with two movable parts
connected by means of flexible plastic clamps that keep it closed. The bottom parts of the clip
are flat and sharp, so they are able to pick up (wipe off) even thin faeces. You insert the
Clipnex into an HDPE bag and with the back of your hand push the bottom of the bag
through inside, into the open Clipnex, creating a sort of pocket. For a larger dog, hence larger
faeces, it is advisable to push the bottom of the bag through more into one eye of the clip
(even a whole palm size) to create a larger pocket, proportional to the size of the faeces. You
collect the faeces with the open Clipnex into this pocket. By pulling the edge of the bag
back over you take it out with its contents and put into a litter bin, container or dustbin. The
collector remains clean and is ready for further use.
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Garden dog waste collector
For cleaning up dog waste; it is intended mainly for use on one’s own property – yard,
garden – but also in public areas, pavements, in front of a house, shop, etc. It is possible to use
it on a flat surface in short-cut grass without using an HDPE bag. Its length along with the
shaft is 60 cm, so you do not have to bend down too much to the dog waste and you can
control it with only one hand. The content of the receptacle is about 0.8 litres. You put the
receptacle of the collector on the ground, in the direction in which you are walking, in front of
the said waste, press the trigger with the index finger of the hand that holds the handle to open
the lid via a pull rod placed inside the handle and collect the dog waste by pulling the
receptacle towards you. During this movement it is possible to loosen the trigger and
collection is made easier by gradually closing the lid, which is fitted with a spring. If you
shake the contents against the ground, you can use this receptacle several times until it is
completely filled. Waste collected is dumped into a waste container. The collector is then
hung on the loop at a suitable place. It is possible to rinse it in water after use.
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